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Choosing the right photo booth service for your event

Are you organizing an event? The best way to make it a success is to make sure that you choose the right photo booth service. We offer good quality service, we can make your event stand out, and we are talking about the most excellent service at the most affordable price. Most of all you can choose your own photo booth experience from these options:

Photo booth (Standard)

Since we are talking about photos here, we want to invest in the quality of the pictures but still have the traditional experience. Pictures shot beautifully, digital delivery and high-resolution photos. We provide high end and durable props, customized backgrounds, and custom design templates. We can match your themes with graphic design and can even custom design to suit your event. You can choose from a variety of backdrop selections with on-site printing. It will be an extraordinary experience in a traditional way.

Social Photo Booth (with Instant Viral Social Media Exposure)

We can create astounding images for you. This is perfect for corporate events, bars, restaurants, retail stores, hotels, cinemas, festivals, and expos. Just simply capture, share and engage. Effective and simple!

How does it work? 

We first capture your stunning branded photos on-site and in real-time. Then we can immediately provide social media exposure as guests share their branded photos on their social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or via email and text messages. This will effectively create engagement and promotion with users and will remind them about your product.

Hashtag Printing

This photo booth service will promote brand awareness engaging with your target market. It creates a viral social media experience and will boost engagement with your target audience. It is like having unlimited photos with your chosen hashtag to boost your engagement with photo slides shown on site. It will be a superb branding experience.

How does it work? 

  1. Guests will take photos using their smartphones. It is like taking their selfies.
  2. Upload in their social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram using your chosen hashtag
  3. Guests can go to the photo booth station, choose their photos and we will print it out with your chosen branding.
Roaming Event Photography

It is like having a photoshoot while you party at your event. We take photos and print them instantly on site. No more long line ups! Just pose, click and print.

How does it work? 

  1. Our expert and professional photographers will roam around during your event and take guest photos. Guests can pick up print outs of their photos at our designated station. This will be a great way to guest souvenirs.
  2. We will also provide your guests with branded photos and what’s best about it is we will also print it out instantly for them.
  3. Guests can share their photos in real-time with their social media accounts to promote your brand, providing social media integration and engagement with your target audience.

Pixels and Giggles provides a variety of photo booth services and a list of services that are included in your package. We will make sure that your event will be a true success!

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