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Hashtag Printing

Harness the power of internet through social media. Promote brand awareness and advertise your company. Engage with your target market.

Watch how hashtag printing works! Best viewed in full screen.


  • Instant/On-Site printing of Instagram Photos
  • 4×6 Print and Branded and custom-designed overlay
  • Collect all photos taken by your guests during the event
  • Photo Gallery of all photos taken during the event
Note: Requires stable internet connection


  • Increase Facebook “Likes” – For Business Owners**
  • Expand your Customer base and Social Media Network
  • Photo Slideshow at your Event or Shop**


Hashtag Printing is a novel concept which companies, wedding couples and event owners are raving about.

You are probably familiar with the traditional photo booth but it has the limitation of taking the photos in one location and some booths cannot instantly post the photos to social media. This is the latest and greatest solution whether you are tech savvy or not!

Here’s how it actually works:

  1. Your guests will take many photos as they like using their own smart phones!
  2. They then upload them to their personal Instagram sites with your chosen #hashtag
  3. Then guests can go to the station, search for their pictures and get print outs with your chosen branding on them.

This creates a viral social media buzz for you, while giving your guests or clients a fabulous branded experience! They can take home the prints with your company information!

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