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April 3, 2017
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January 16, 2018
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This month we had a pleasure and honor of meeting legendary Coach Paul LaPolice, Camp Director of AllPro QB & Receiver Camp in Winnipeg. The event was attended by young athletes entering Grades 6 to 12 and the camp was camp was be held indoors at the Winnipeg Soccer Federation North Facility. The event was also sponsored by Event Strategy Productions and KB2 Clothing.

Our goal was to capture the candid and fun moments with the young athlete during the coaching activities. We also captured portraits of the young athletes with other coaches and pro athletes like Buck Pierce, Markus Howell, John Makie, Anthony Coombs, & Nic Demski. The kids and parents had a blast as we printed the photos on-site and gave them as souvenirs for this annual event.

Thank you AllPro and Brenda for making this happen. See you all next year!

Here are the highlights from the event. More photos can be found in our gallery section.


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